Swallow15 Music School

We started 13 years ago, teaching kids to master an instrument and to enjoy doing so at the same time. More than this, we help them discover the rock star within themselves, whether that means to be a performing musician on stage with the crowd in your hands, or just to develop the self confidence required to be a rock star in life.

To date we've taught more than 20,000 students and currently teach more than 80 students playing in bands. We have a standing contract with Curro Private School and various others. Many of our teachers have gone on to become successful musicians, including Elvis Blue, Joshua na die Reen, Connell Cruise, Die Kat se Snor, and many others.

We believe we have discovered the recipe to transform weekly music lessons into a lifetime journey of fun and exploration for our students. From a young age, we offer kids an opportunity to learn to play in a band with our JamBands program. With our free Showcase Events, students build confidence and present their talent and skills to an audience and loved ones. When they progress and produce their own content we offer recording opportunities in our state-of-the-art recording studio. Our students have won numerous awards at Kids with Talent SA, a nationwide competition. Through all these services, we are able to make learning an instrument easier, simpler and faster.

Whether you are a 35 year old accountant by day who wants to play campfire songs for fun, a teenager who wants to perform in bands or a 7 year old aspiring fireman, Swallow15 will guide you to discover the rock star in you!