Frequently Asked Questions

1How will I pay?
You pay in advance via EFT. We'll send you an invoice when you start and at the end of each month for the next month. Your payment is due on receipt of your invoice and must be paid within 7 days.
2What is your refund policy?
We know taking lessons is a big step, and if you need to stop taking lessons for any reason, we will refund any future unused lesson credits within 6 months of purchase, no questions asked. But take note, to be fair to all students, if you started on our special rate we will subtract the difference between the special rate and the standard price for the time that you did have lessons.
3What if I need to cancel my lessons completely?
Simply email or call Swallow15 at least one calendar month in advance to receive a refund on any remaining future lesson credits. Lessons scheduled to occur in less than a calendar month are not eligible for refund, so please contact us before then to ensure your refund includes all the lessons you are expecting.
4What happens during holidays?
5What if I miss a lesson?
You can reschedule at any time with us or your teacher. No refunds applicable.
6What if my teacher cannot attend my lesson?
This is definitely a rare occasion. In the event that your teacher cannot attend the scheduled lesson, it is her responsibility to reschedule with the student. If she misses a lesson completely, due to her own fault, and cannot find a time that suits you as well, please let us know and we will refund you for that lesson on your next invoice.
7What curriculum do you teach?
We believe we have created a recipe for success! Success means that the student has fun while making meaningful progress in their skill level. Our syllabus was designed by teachers who have won Tempo awards, are signed with various record companies and released multiple albums. Famous musicians like Elvis Blue, Joshua Na Die Reën, and more started their musical career learning at Swallow15 Music School. Listen to what Elvis Blue says about Swallow 15 Music School.
8 Can you help me get a Unisa or Trinity qualification?
Definitely! We can specifically tailor your syllabus to prepare you for these examinations. Our syllabus is so effective our students often reach sufficient skill levels before students who follow traditional curriculum's with other schools.