1Is it important to have played an instrument before?
Yes, you must at least be comfortable with your first instrument of choice. We asses everyone individually and give proper feedback accordingly. We will help to prepare and get you ready for it in your final year at school (even from a distance).
2Does singing count as an instrument?
Yes, it’s called ‘vocals’ and can be your first instrument of choice.
3Is it compulsory to take two instruments?
Yes, most of the focus during the year will be on instrument 1. However it is important to choose a second instrument. This can be chosen with the guidance of the Swallow15 team. You can be a beginner at instrument 2.
4Are the lessons in big groups or one-on-one?
Most of the lessons for a chosen instrument will be one-on-one. Some of the other classes are attended by all academy students at once, but this does not apply to any lessons on your chosen instrument.
5Do I get to play in a band?
Most definitely! You will learn to play in a band in various classes. And will actually perform in a band at least two times during the year. For the one band we will assign the band members, and for the other you will start yourself during the year.
6Will I have to be on campus every day?
You will be required to be on campus 4 days a week. You will receive your schedule for all classes on the first day you arrive (at the end of January). The schedule should remain the same right through the year.
7How much time will the course require?
All your time! One year is dedicated to yourself and music. Eat, sleep, play guitar (or whatever instrument you have chosen). You will be socializing with other interns when you are not rehearsing in bands, recording or practicing.
8Is it a one year course?
9Does Swallow15 provide me with a teaching job after the year?
More than 80% of our interns work for Swallow15 as teachers in the year following the academy. Some even start half way through the academy year. We aim to give every academy student a boost into the industry. Some are born teachers, others never want to teach but they realize it’s a great platform to work from to build a career. We want to empower you to be successful in the industry and therefore we put some emphasis on teaching as well.
10What does it cost for a year?
R43 000 (2017)
11Will the program focus on anything other than music? What do you mean with “life skills” that I read about?
Yes there is focus on other areas. 20% of your time during the year will be dedicated to your personal development. I.e. becoming a person of value within the industry, with an understanding of who you are and what you have to offer that is unique to you. You will learn about working more effectively with different personalities, how to deal with stress, conflict, and more. We read some of the best material during the year (books like “Winning with People” by John Maxwell) and we do personality tests such as “Now discover your strengths” and “DISC”. We use many other tools to equip our academy students on EQ (Emotional Intelligence). We feel that EQ is an absolute necessity to ensure success in the industry of music.
12Is this course a diploma?
No. Talk to us if you want more information on this.
13Will I have fun?
We only learn while crying or laughing, you will probably do enough of both. No pain no gain.
14Do I need to stay close to the campus?
We prefer our academy year students to not be further than 10 km away from the campus in Strubensvalley (close to Clearwater mall) in the Westrand of Johannesburg.
15Does Swallow15 provide any accommodation for the year?
No, but we have a good relationship with a landlord nearby that lease to our academy students and even some teachers. It’s affordable, very decent and in a safe area. We can put you in touch if required.
16How do I pay? Am I billed once off?
No you are billed per month. R43,000 (2017) divided by 9 months. No payment for January, July or December. No deposit required.
17What about school holidays? What calendar do we follow?
We follow the normal school calendar for public schools, but we start on the first day of February and we end on the last day of November.